Are You an Online Gamer in Toronto, This What You Need to Know

If online gaming is what you do for fun, then a lagging connection is the worst thing ever. Your home internet connection may put the world at your fingertips but if it can’t handle online gaming, then it’s time to press upgrade.

Regardless of the console that you prefer, be it PS4, Xbox One, PC or Wii U, the following steps will make it easy for you to pick a great internet connection:


Playing online does not need high speeds simply because you’re just sending and receiving commands to the server. What you should be checking for is latency and the less of it the better.

It’s not just playing that takes place in online gaming, there’s in-game communication or through a different program such as Skype. Other users may be downloading new games or expansions as they play while others may be streaming music. With this in mind, you will need higher speeds.


Cable internet has higher maximum speeds but this is not guaranteed. You will find that many ISPs in Ontario offer DSL internet service because it’s more reliable, solid and is not reduced by network congestion. If you want to keep playing, you will be grateful for that reliability.


The gaming world is vast, there are updates, add-ons, expansions and much more. You, therefore, need an unlimited internet connection so you don’t have to worry about how much you’re downloading.

Skip the Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is great but when it comes to online gaming, you need consistency more than mobility. Your Wi-Fi connection can be disrupted by your walls and even furniture. This is not a big deal when doing regular browsing but can be annoying when playing online. Plug in when competing online.

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