Evaluating Your ISP

It is surprising that in this day and age, Canadians still face problems with their internet providers such as overage fees and bandwidth caps.

It is shocking that Canada’s internet is compared to the service offered in third world countries, we have nothing against developing nations but it’s not fair. Additionally, we are aware of the copyright and licensing issues that limit the availability of services like Pandora, Hulu and Netflix but Canadian ISPs are further protecting their interests by setting data caps that are easy to surpass.

What does this mean?

This means that the consumer pays high fees for internet services that are not fulfilling. The only thing left for consumers is to cut their internet usage not to surpass the monthly allotment.

It gets worse:

The big telecom companies are now scrapping unlimited internet plans.

In Canada, the consumer pays too much considering that the cost for a gigabyte of data is around five cents. If you are good at math, you will see that ISPs make huge percent mark-ups.

If you are lucky and able to get past cost problems, accessibility issues and limited services, you still have to deal with outages. This is hard to take for businesses because without proper support, they won’t compete globally.

Data from OECD shows that Canada is number 28 out of 33 countries with the best internet speeds. We are also number 32 out of 40 top countries for internet costs. This is not good and something has to be done, ASAP.

In these tough internet days, who has your back?

At GTA Telecom, we put the customer first and we have the highest customer satisfaction rates in the business.

How did we do this?

By keeping our ears to the ground to understand what the Canadian internet user is yearning for.

We have high internet speeds at low-cost and our service is backed by a bilingual support team who are locally based to help our customers anytime.

What Makes GTA Telecom A Smarter Choice?

We have no hidden charges or contracts because we are loyal to our customers.

We make sure that you don’t pay high internet fees.

We challenge you to do a comparison with other ISPs in your area. We know that we offer better speeds for less.

If this is the case, and we know it is, take a look at your current contract restrictions. If you are already with one of the big boys, check your release date, and if you are free, call us – if you’re not yet free, keep GTA Telecom in your mind and join us when you are.

Check our website to find the service that works for you. You can even give us a call and one of our customer representatives will guide you through all the services to make it easy for you to make an informed decision.

Once you make your pick, one of our agents will give you a call and connect you with incredible speeds, this will only take a few minutes.

Now it time to enjoy your freedom and remember to tell us about your awesome experience, we love to hear from our customers.

It is a misconception that only the big companies can give you the best experience. Everything that GTA Telecom provides is top-notch and 100% professional.

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