A Simple Guide to Find the Reputable Internet Service Providers in Toronto

Just type “internet providers Toronto” into any search engine and see the number of results that you’re presented with. This shows that there are many internet providers in Toronto and just like anywhere else, some are reputable and some are not.

How can you tell whether a Toronto ISP is reputable or not?

Well, read on to find out:

DSL Internet

Does your ISP offer DSL?


What is DSL?

DSL is short for digital subscriber line, a type of connection that uses a phone line to send digital data. Don’t confuse DSL with the obsolete dial-up connection service.

With DSL, you get a fast and stable internet service without monopolizing the phone line.

Field Support and Technical Support

You should choose a DSL internet provider that guarantees you full technical support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Don’t forget to get this information in writing.

Phishing, hackers and viruses

A reputable ISP will answer all your queries on their service and limitations. This requires research on your part because viruses, unstable firewalls and data theft can be dangerous.

Price: the defining factor

This is where your research is tested because your aim is to get the best service and quality at the best rates.

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