How Fast Should Your Home Internet Be?

Are you moving into a new house or moving in with a new roommate? Or perhaps, you aren’t satisfied with your current service provider? Either way, you have a lot of ISP options in Toronto.

But there’s one more thing:

What is the best home internet package for you?

Unlike 15 years ago when we only had dial-up, Toronto has plenty of options today with DSL and Cable. Then there’s unlimited internet and packages that are so enormous they may as well be unlimited.

What you should be looking for is speed and the following tips will help:

The number of users and devices connected

10 Mbps may seem like a lot but the speed is divided between every device in the house. However, if it’s just you, your portable devices and gaming console, this speed is more than enough.

If more people will use your connection, then you need a faster package. You also need to consider every device in the house such as TVs, desktops, tablets, mobile phones, gaming consoles etc.

What are you doing with the internet connection?

Some people only need the internet to connect with family and friends through social media and check emails. For them, a connection of 5-10 Mbps works fine. Others want to stream TV shows and Movies on Netflix, watch videos on YouTube and download, these users need a higher connection.

If you’re into online gaming, you need a connection speed as high as 50 Mbps. This speed is enough for online gaming functions such as transmitting and receiving information from the server to keep the game flowing.


The faster your home connection, the more you’ll have to spend per month. Therefore, you need a Toronto internet service provider that offers incredible speeds at pocket-friendly prices.

Contact GTA Telecom to go faster for less.

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