Is Your Internet Really Unlimited?

Unlimited internet is awesome and everybody wants it. This is why there are so many ads of ISPs promising unlimited internet at breathtaking speeds.

But the question is:

Are you really getting unlimited internet? Are there truly no limitations to your internet connection?

It seems straightforward enough right? That an ISP woos you with stories of limitless bandwidth and super-fast download speeds. But is this the whole picture or are they just trying to get you to sign up?

Here’s the thing:

Many internet service providers can’t offer that level of service.

Read on to know more about limitation and what you can do about it.

The Limits of Unlimited Internet

It is a fact that many users enjoy amazing unlimited internet right after signing up. But after a few weeks, they start noticing low download speeds and service lags. The web pages start loading slowly and videos won’t stop buffering.

Here lies the problem:

With the rise of online video and audio streaming, many ISPs have decided to go the mobile phone way of internet plans where they’re no longer offering truly unlimited data. Some impose usage limits or cut your speeds after reaching the set limit (speed throttling). You will find many internet providers throttling your speeds after you reach a 250GB limit.

But 250GB is a lot, right?

Wrong, in the world of music and video streaming, this amount of data can be used up fast.

Think about it:

A high-quality Netflix movie can use over 2GB, and if you have many Netflix users in your house streaming movies and TV shows, the data adds up really fast.

At GTA Telecom, we don’t give false claims about our unlimited internet. When we say we have “no limits”, that is truly what we mean. We don’t have speeds caps or limits on our unlimited internet plans – you can stream as much as you want.


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