Want Faster Internet The Following 4 Tips Can Help

Want Faster Internet? The Following 4 Tips Can Help

Slow internet is stressful, there’s nothing meaningful you can do with it like download, stream music or movies. Even if you go for an unlimited internet plan, you can still experience long load times, buffering and slow downloads.


The following four factors could be the reason:


Your internet provider can deliver a fast connection to your home but you will experience slow speed if your equipment performs poorly such as routers, modems and cables.

How do you avoid this?

Use equipment that matches the capabilities of your service.


Having too many users connected in your home or workplace can cause slow connections. If you have devices such as laptops, gaming consoles, and smartphones all on the same network, each will experience slow speeds.

You should turn off devices that are not in use and place a strong password to keep your connection secure from authorized access.


If you experience slow speeds, you need to check where your router and modem are located. For example, if they are in the basement, the signal will be weak on the upper floors. Wi-Fi strength is affected by the structure and layout of your home.

To avoid weak signals, place the modem in a central location, if not, get a signal booster and set it up.


If multiple applications are accessing the internet on a single device, the connection will slow down. Things like device syncing, backup settings or automatic updates running in the background are the main causes of slowing things down.

How do you fix this?

By closing down apps that are not in use and scheduling updates during downtime to avoid congestion.

Fix the above-stated issues and enjoy a free-flowing connection that will not slow your browsing experience.

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