What to Look for When Switching Internet Providers

What to Look for When Switching Internet Providers

According to the CRTC, ISPs are mandated to cancel services right away instead of the 30-day notice that was a requirement a while back.

This mandate makes it easy for consumers to switch to other internet service providers in Toronto.

There are many reasons for switching, it could be you want to switch because you’ve received a better deal, you want to try a new service or you want more bandwidth.

Whatever the case, you need to consider the following when making the switch to a new ISP:


If you’re still undecided whether you want to make the switch, call your Toronto service provider to see whether they have any promotions or special offers for you.

Do not cancel your current service until you know how and when the new service will be put in place. Never cancel without a backup plan.


To make the move easy for you especially if you’re switching to a different technology, have everything bundled together into one package. Carefully go through the contracts before you commit, this gives you enough time to know whether the deal is good or not.

Customer Support

You need a Toronto internet service provider who is there for you when something goes wrong. Your new ISP should configure everything when making the switch. Changes can be made to your email, website domain and servers. They should be there for you during the transition to make sure that you don’t lose anything.

Additionally, check whether the new ISP offers 24-hour support, uninterrupted service and references.


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