Get the speeds that you pay for from a trustworthy internet service provider. At GTA Telecom, we deliver reliable and incredibly fast internet in St. Thomas and the surrounding areas. Our service is available everywhere in Ontario, whether it’s a cable or FTTN internet connection.

Choose GTA Telecom internet to enjoy consistent speeds even during peak hours when everyone is online. We provide uninterrupted speeds that the other ISPs can only dream about. This means that our St. Thomas internet users can download huge files in seconds, stream HD videos, movies and music without buffering.

The following is what we offer to our St. Thomas users:

Download speeds of up to 150 Mbps, these speeds are better than DSL meaning you can enjoy everything that the internet has to offer including loading HD/4K photos, watching and downloading HD?4K movies, streaming TV shows or simply browsing for fun.

With GTA Telecom internet, you get reliable and fast internet service with added benefits such as online virus shield and protection against identity theft.

You get the speed to connect all your devices with GTA Telecom internet in St. Thomas. You can, therefore, access thousands of TV shows and movies anytime and anywhere.

Whatever you need the internet for in St. Thomas, we have the plan to fit your needs. At GTA Telecom, we believe in a contract-free service and at a fair price. With both Cable and FTTN, we have options to help you browse the internet and save. All with an incredible Canadian customer service.

We are here for our St. Thomas customers, so, go ahead and enjoy that extra money you’ll save.

Which one do you prefer?                           

Cable internet from $29.95

FTTN internet from $34.95

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