How to Measure Your Bandwidth Needs

If you’re connected to one of the larger ISP in Canada, chances are your internet plan has a data or speed cap. This means that you should watch your internet usage.

Getting the usage readings is not a straightforward process, a few internet providers will give it to your on request but the best way is to install a special software called “firmware” on your router to get accurate readings.

The most common firmware options to measure data are OpenWRT, DD-WRT, and Tomato. They are free to download and install and come with free instructions. It might take up to 60 minutes of your time to install but it’s worth it because you will have full control of your network.

How Your Internet Usage Might Change

It’s a fact that internet usage is going up. According to YouTube, users use 50% more of video every year. Your mobile devices also consume data without your knowledge and you might surpass your data cap even before you get to the middle of the month.

The following are some growth factors you should consider when setting your data limit.

Zombie Devices

In the year 2000, you had only a computer in your home as the only internet enabled device. In 2005, you added a laptop into the equation. In 2015, you had a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone, a smartwatch, a smart security system, PS4……you can see where we’re going with this.

All these devices have one thing in common, background data, and can use large data totaling GBs.

Unless you cut the number of devices in your home, you need to budget for more data consuming devices.

4K TV and Videos

In 2014, the average online video streamer used around 212GB of data every month. Most of the ISPs make this doable considering that most of us watch Netflix for only a couple of hours per day. Streaming high-definition video on Netflix uses about 4.7GB per hour.

With 4K video, you will use about 4 times the bandwidth and you will receive 4 times video clarity.

If you want to experiment with 4K, you will use extra data compared to regular streaming. It’s best to use a watchable resolution, such as 720p for your videos.

Take the time to understand your ISP and the plans they have in terms of speed and data. Always pick the right plan.

If you’re tired of your ISP due to data and speed caps, join us and you will not need to keep checking your data consumption. GTA Telecom offers true unlimited internet.

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