Finding the right internet service provider for your business takes more than just contacting an ISP in your area and getting connected – it’s much more complicated. Whether you’re setting up a new business, renewing your current contract or upgrading your connection, there are things you should consider when selecting an ISP for your business.

Type of Connection

There are two types of internet service. High availability service and the standard connection (also known as broadband or high-speed service).

Standard includes DSL and Cable and offers cheaper high-speed internet connection. On the other hand, these services are of low quality and aren’t that reliable.

High availability guarantees an uptime of 99.9% every year (2 hours of downtime per year). These connections include fiber optics and the older T1s.

As a business, you should definitely go for the high availability type of connection for its guaranteed uptime.

Connection Speed

Calculating the internet speed that your business needs to run efficiently is complicated. You need to make sure that you have enough speed for daily use.

If you use cloud services or run a VOIP phone system, you need high internet speeds to avoid frustrations that will ultimately hurt your business.

Timeframe and Availability

When planning to move your business, you need to understand that your preferred type of internet connection might not be available in your new location. Start your search well in advance for proper planning.

In new areas, fiber optics can take up to 6 months for construction and installation meaning that you will have to settle for a standard internet connection.


In cases when you need to be continuously online, you will want to have some levels of redundancy. Redundancy is another internet connection that goes live when the main connection is down.

Redundancy is more common with standard internet service but should also be considered even with high availability internet services. Talk to our internet professionals to see if your business needs some form of redundancy.

Cost Efficiency

The high availability service comes at a much higher price than the standard connection. Talk to us and we will help you in picking a connection that is best for your business.

Contact us today to learn about our standard and high-availability internet services.


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