5 Easy Ways to Secure Your Home’s Wi-Fi

Home Wi-Fi is convenient and keeps you connected 24/7 but the main question is, is it safe? You need to make sure that all your internet-enabled devices are protected against unwelcome visitors. This article shows you how to make that happen:

Configure and Update Your Router

If you’ve never checked the settings page of your router, now is the time to do it, but make sure you have the manual. Change the credentials to gain access to the device’s onboard settings.

Check all the devices on your network and look for any suspicious activity.

You should also update your router’s firmware to apply the most recent security updates and patches.

Change the Password Regularly

If you can’t recall the number of people you’ve given your home Wi-Fi password to, then it’s time to change it. By changing your password, you reset the number of people who can connect to your network down to zero.

The option to change your Wi-Fi password is in your router’s settings.

Hide Your Network Visibility

Don’t broadcast your home Wi-Fi to your neighbors or anyone passing by. Your router should have a setting that allows you to hide the network, this means that for anyone to connect, they must have the SSID and the password to get connected.

For the casual observer, it seems like you don’t have a wireless network in your home but your devices will stay connected.

Use a Strong Security Program and a VPN

You can use a VPN to pass your connection through a secure tunnel to make it harder for anyone to see what you are doing online. There are many VPN comparisons on the internet and the same applies to security programs.

Turn off the Wi-Fi

If security is a big concern for you, then find a way to plug-in your computer and TV straight to your router and you will live without Wi-Fi. If you need to update your phone, create a Wi-Fi hotspot from MacOS or Windows.


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