Are you tired of fighting with your young one for asking for a phone? Do you feel stressed when you find that your kid is spending a lot of time on the phone? Well, many parents have been there too. As a responsible parent or guardian, it is your job to check the online activities of your kids.

The internet is not a safe place for kids because it has unfiltered and uncensored content that pops up freely. On the other hand, you cannot stop your kids to use the internet as it has a lot of useful things too. You will be happy to know that, you can make their internet experience safe by using parental control apps.

Messaging apps are constantly updating i.e. WhatsApp Live Location and Snap Map and this has raised online exposure risks. A parental control app is recommended for kids who are constantly online. Such apps let you know where your kids are and what they are doing on their mobile devices. The following are 5 of the best parental control apps:

Kidgy Parental Control App

This is an app that is perfect for monitoring the online activity of your kids. The app has a quality internet filter that blocks inappropriate content such as explicit photos and porn. Parents can also check social media, messaging apps and regular websites. The app allows the supervisor to block the internet and apps usage for learning and sleeping hours.

Other features of this app include Geofencing and GPS tracking that even allow barrier setting. The app also has a panic button, for use when the kid feels in danger, which sends alerts the parent with the exact place.

Kids Zone

You can make a profile for your teen and add the right apps for them. You can also block unwanted calls and messages, block ads and access to certain sites. This app blocks unauthorized installation of apps and making in-app purchases.


With this online safety app, you can monitor your child’s messages, calls, social media connections, and location.


This app restricts access to different apps. With this child safety app, you can add profiles for different ages. The best thing about this app is it challenges the children by providing challenging math and English lessons.


This app is regarded as the best parental control app. It is the best for getting insights into your child’s communication: you can view internet browsing history, read word strokes, review messaging apps and social media. If your child spends too much time on the mobile phone than studying, you can block or limit app usage, or certain people on the contact list. The app also has GeoFencing and Location Tracking features.

At GTA Telecom, we want your entire family to use the internet responsibly. Use one of these parental control apps to keep your children safe on the internet.



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