How to Keep Your Children Safe from Inappropriate Web Content

There are strict guidelines that you can implement to protect your kids from cyberbullies, inappropriate content, child predators and cyber bullies. You can install pop-up blockers on internet-enabled devices or remind them to never give out their real names, address or age. But due to social media, sexting and oversharing render such guidelines powerless.

The following are the must-know essentials for keeping your children safe:

Keep your eyes on your web explorers at all times – you can sit next to your child every time he’s on the internet. You should keep your PC or laptop at an open area where you can easily see it.

Teach them to keep their private info private – teach your kids never to reveal their real names online, where they go to school, live or play. Repeat this rule until its engraved on them. While you’re at it, inform them not to share your personal information or their siblings’ either.

Use the parental controls on your browser – most internet browsers have internet options where you can set up safety features such as language, violence, nudity, and sex.

Monitor your kids’ online chats – if you allow your kids to chat with online friends, check to make sure that they are actually real friends. Keep your eyes on their chats to protect them from child predators and identity thieves who masquerade as friends.

Install adult content filters – use an app that blocks violent, pornographic and all sketchy online content. The app should keep a record of all online activities.

Don’t let your kids handle online shopping – if you let your kids buy something online, you should be the one that enters the financial data. Hide your debit and credit cards from your children.

Know online game ratings – your kids should only play online video games that are appropriate for their age.

Stay the course – the hardest part when safeguarding your child’s internet exposure comes after you make the rules. Follow through every time you get the chance to make sure that your kid gets it.

At GTA Telecom, we care about the safety of the young generation. Parents should use these steps to protect their children the best way they can.


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