Many building owners are installing fiber optics to improve the value of their buildings. However, there is plenty of misinformation on the real cost of installing fiber leaving many people confused. So, how much does it cost to install fiber-optic internet to a building?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question because every building is different and requires its own assessment to figure costs. In this article, we will highlight 8 factors that impact the cost of installing fiber internet.

Proximity to the fiber line

This is the greatest determinant as it not only touches on the installation costs but how difficult the installation will be.

Type of conduit in the building

A building with an existing conduit with enough space to install fiber makes installation cheaper and simpler.

Physical obstacles

If you need to reverse the physical terrain or cross state highway to install fiber into your building, your costs of installation will be much higher.

The layers of bureaucracy, how many are there?

The process of getting the permits to install fiber into a building is an obstacle in itself especially if your area involves multiple jurisdictions. The process is also complicated if your building is in a major city where constructions are regulated. The difficulty of obtaining those permits lead to high fiber installation charges.

How much space is available?

Any building with an available communication room will have cheaper installation costs since everything will be streamlined. Any hurdles that come into play when setting up the fiber will complicate the process and make it costly.

Does the building have enough power?

If you’re building requires more power capabilities, you will incur extra costs. Buildings with ample power will save on installation fees.

Paths to the building

The best strategy is to install fiber through two different entrances. A secondary entrance ensures connection continuity if the main circuit experiences a cut. This might be a rare occurrence but making two entrance points cuts the risk and makes the network more reliable.

If you have any concerns about installing fiber network into your building, contact GTA Telecom for a full assessment and quote.

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