Are you relying on different providers for your internet and business phone service? Consolidating your business phone and data to a single provider might be the right choice for your organization and it has immediate benefits.

You don’t have to wait to make the switch, you can do so immediately.

The Benefits

The Bill

Business phone bills are hard to understand especially the mysterious charge codes that you receive each month. The regulations that direct how commercial phone service providers bill their clients are not logically presented.

Combining your internet and business phone service means you will have one bill for two telecom services every month. If you’re connected to the right provider who’s transparent in billing, you will know what you’re actually paying for.

Cost Savings

Many business service providers offer discounts for bundling business phone and internet services and this leads to massive savings. You will also spend less on the following factors:

  • IT staffing
  • Flexible billing
  • Improved reliability
  • Faster implementations
  • Superior scalability
  • Better productivity

One Source for Support

When your VoIP service goes down, who do you call? This service relies on an active internet connection to send voice packets as data. If your VoIP service has a problem, the issue could be with your internet provider or VoIP provider.

Companies that rely on two different service providers for internet and phone service have to coordinate with two companies for quality improvements, upgrades, and expansions.

Combining business phone and internet services means you will only deal with one company when there’s a problem or other needs.

Zero Turnarounds

Accountability is of great importance when it comes to doing business. When you make a mistake and things go wrong, you must own up and apologize and work hard to make things right.


Such level of accountability is non-existent with some vendors. A lack of transparency when you are connected to separate voice and data vendors means you will find it challenging to pinpoint the source of your problems.

If your internet and business phones are down and your two service providers are busy pointing fingers, you will lose customers and your reputation too.

With one internet and phone service company, you will receive faster troubleshooting and your quality concerns will disappear.


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