There is a lot that internet users don’t know about the internet for business. One thing that you’ll notice about the internet for business is the high number of available options from fiber to DSL. Clients have to choose between “small business” packages and “enterprise-class” packages. These services are not equal. The following is a wealth of insider information in the business class industry that will help you make informed choices:

There’s a Huge Difference Between Business Class and Enterprise-class Internet

Many internet service providers have three categories of service, namely:

  • Residential internet for home users.
  • Business class service – is of higher quality than home internet, offers customer bandwidth “up to” the speeds they signed up for and better customer service.
  • Enterprise-class internet is the best and most reliable of all and guarantees same day repair and guaranteed bandwidth.

When signing up with a new ISP, always ask about bandwidth guarantees, response times and quality measures for protecting commercial customers.

Not Every ISP Owns a Network

Many ISPs that have recently popped up are third-party who resell other company’s internet service. The surprising thing is, these third-party resellers offer better services than the big internet companies especially here in Canada.

There is No Standard for Business Class Internet

You will find one ISP’s business class internet offer vividly different from another’s. Before you agree to any terms, check to make sure that your service meets all your needs. Don’t always pick a service because it’s offered by a big company, carry out some due diligence to secure the best quality for your business and for the best price.

Business Practices Aren’t the Same

  • Many ISPs don’t guarantee clients the advertised speeds, your contract dictates that your services will be “up to”. You should consider the following areas before you make the final decision:
  • Uptime and bandwidth guarantees
  • Online reviews and client references
  • Business continuity, redundancy, and network reliability
  • Customer service availability

Bundle your Services

Bundling your internet and IP phone services is a smart move because you will save money, get access to better troubleshooting and quality. Always connect to an ISP with a full range of business communications tools.

Use this insider information to get the best business-class internet.

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