Few things drive you crazier than a buffering World Cup 2018 stream. The problem with a buffering stream might be too many gadgets being connected at the same time. These are; tablets and phones in your home, your laptop, gaming console, doorbell, smart fridge, and thermostat.

Fact is, your Wi-Fi can do better.

Upgrading is the only way to solve this problem.

Upgrade, Upgrade

If you’re experiencing low Wi-Fi speeds, then it might be time to finally upgrade that router. Today’s routers are larger and have better coverage. This means that you can connect all your devices in different places. Some of these newer routers are smart enough to automatically pick the best channels and bands to keep the internet at peak levels.


Wi-Fi routers use short wavelengths and they don’t do well with physical obstacles such as doors and walls. Your router should be in the open and nothing should come between it and your devices. Do not put your router in a cabinet.

For the best speeds, plug-in your router at different places and run a speed test to find where it works best. Place your router at a vantage point because most antennas are designed to send the signal downwards. So, the higher you place your router, the better the signal will be throughout the house.

Pro tip: If you want low latency, stick the router to the ceiling, just like a chandelier.

Observe Safety

This should be a no-brainer, you need a password for your Wi-Fi and a strong one at that. A strong password is good for keeping hackers and your neighbors away from your connection. Use the AES encryption, its speed-friendly and secure.

It’s also a good idea to have two networks, one for you and the other one for people who keep asking for your Wi-Fi password. Let’s be real, people aren’t to be trusted these days, including your friends. It’s best to limit the people and devices you allow on your personal network.

Plan and Prioritize

To keep your home wireless network running smoothly, you should develop an internet usage strategy, such as:

Start the big downloads before bedtime so that they can work with relative calm.

Reduce the number of gadgets on your home wireless network. Only things that need internet should get internet.

On newer routers, you can prioritize a particular service or device. This is an effective way to make sure that your streaming session is not affected by someone SnapChatting.

That’s it! With these steps, you will never experience slow Wi-Fi especially when connected to the blazing GTA Telecom internet speeds.

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