Nothing shows your reliance on a fast internet connection like the way you feel when it slows down. If your internet speeds are down, it could be that your ISP is limiting your bandwidth because you have exceeded your usage. But, your slowdown could have other causes. To address your slow internet problem, take a look at your ISP, devices and web browsers, to find the bottleneck.

Connection Type

If you chose a slower connection type to save on costs, then you shouldn’t expect your connection to hit fiber-optic speeds.

For instance, if you chose DSL, the distance between you and your provider dictates the signal you receive and this affects the speeds.

Downloads and Uploads

Many websites today have a lot of information and therefore, take longer to load.  If you’re also loading other pages or sites in different tabs, you will experience slow browser performance, even after the site has fully loaded.

There can also be apps in the background downloading updates.

Usage Caps

Some internet providers in Ontario will cap your bandwidth if your usage goes past a specific amount. If you’re connecting to such an ISP, check your email for a warning notice if you notice a sudden drop in your internet speed. If you keep exceeding this limit, it’s time to change to a more generous internet service provider.

The stuff that you download can get you singled out for bandwidth limitation. For example, if you download pirated content, your ISP will warn you and limit your speeds.

Wiring and Hardware

Avoid using long Ethernet cables where a short one will work perfectly. If you have a DSL connection, avoid using long extensions when connecting your computer, this degrades your signal and cuts your speed. If you use a satellite-based broadband, any physical obstruction between you and your ISP interferes with your signal. For a wireless connection, check that your firewall and passwords protect your bandwidth from your neighbors who “borrow” your access.


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