Do ISPs Track Private Browsing

Check your favorite browser today and you will see a private browsing setting. This setting stops your browser from storing information on your device. Whether your internet service provider tracks your browsing activity depends on them, but it’s probably best to assume that they are storing some form of information about you. One thing that you should know is, whatever method you use to stay anonymous, no method is absolute.

Why Track Us

There are many reasons why your ISP can be tracking you. The most obvious one is media companies pressuring ISPs to check users who might be copying and sharing copyrighted material and then provide information on the guilty ones.

Another reason is advertising, marketing companies use users’ online behaviors to come up with effective marketing campaigns. Some ISPs sell online activity data detailing their users’ browsing activities to ad agencies.

Is This a Cause for Concern?

You should be worried if you’re copying and sharing copyrighted material or using your internet connection for other illegal activities.

Most tracked data is simply used to better target ads to your preference. Few companies attach this data to specific account or names and this means that even if your browsing activity is analyzed, you stay completely anonymous.

Increasing Security

Many websites that handle sensitive information like social media or email clients offer a secure and safe connection.

You can enable secure connections through the settings on the site or by typing “https:/ before the site address that supports the connection type.

This protocol encrypts all information sent through the connection, so while your ISP can see the site that you’re on, they will not see the data shared through the secure connection.

How to Browse Anonymously

If you want to increase your anonymity while online, check whether your browser supports the tor-add on.

The Tor network is anonymous and all data is sent through encrypted channels meaning that your ISP’s attempts to read your data will be futile.

Here at GTA, we do not track our users.

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