The internet is resourceful and provides near endless amounts of information. The worst thing is, with these near-infinite amounts of information, it’s hard to focus on work and other non-browsing responsibilities. The only way to stay productive and cut time spent on the internet is to check the time you spend on the web.

Do this by:

  • Setting a timer when taking work breaks. This is a simple but effective move where you can use the timer on your phone to set aside 10-minute browsing breaks.
  • Use a special tracking tool to monitor your internet use. Apps such as Time Tracker and Rescue Time offer utilities to control your browsing habits.
  • Set aside specific times of the day for browsing breaks. Save interesting links or social media updates for specific browsing break times.
  • Close the browser when you don’t need the internet for work-related tasks. Keep the browser open for safe break times to stay conscious of your web use.

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