At GTA Telecom, we like to list the countries with the fastest internet speeds. What you will notice from this list is that the majority of these countries are those that have advanced technology.

However, these countries are not superpowers, at least in terms of social development, population and economic size and other society metrics.

What these countries have in common is low internet censorship levels and high levels of personal freedom. The shocking thing is you won’t find Canada and the United States in this list.

South Korea

This is a densely populated country and this has made it easy for the government to make internet connections to homes. South Korea is ranked 1st on average connection speed and 3rd on average peak connection speed. The average connection speed is 26.7Mbps while the average peak is 95.3Mbps.


Sweden comes a distant 2nd in terms of the average speed of connection which stands at 19.5Mbps. The average peak speed is too low that it’s not even ranked in the top 10.


Norway has fast racked the fiber and 4G infrastructure and it’s no surprise that they are ranked 3rd in terms of average connection speeds at 19.8Mbps.


Japan has an average connection speed of 17.0Mbps, the 4th fastest speeds, and average peak speeds near 82.5Mbps, 5th fastest. Japan is the first country to fully use fiber optics to meet 100% of their networking needs.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands average internet speeds stand at 17.0Mbps and with a nationwide rollout of fiber optic, there are no broadband caps.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong ranks 6th with an average speed of 16.9Mbps and 2nd in terms of average peak speed that stands close to 105Mbps.


This is the 7th placed nation with average internet speed near 16.7Mbps. 3G and broadband connections are offered free of charge.


Switzerland and Latvia are both tied with average speeds near 16.7Mbps. It’s one of the countries with the highest internet penetration rates in Europe.


Finland comes 9th with 16.6Mbps average internet connection speeds. Internet in Finland is widespread and it’s the first country to make internet access a national right.


Denmark breaks into the top 10 with an average internet connection speed of 16.1Mbps. Compared to South Korea’s 27.6Mbps, the speeds are low but they are 3 times the global average.

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