The internet has become a key part of getting and keeping a job. Today, the larger share of recruitment is done online and many job seekers upload their resumes onto career sites to improve their chances of getting hired. Those without access to the internet are not even aware of a specific job opening and when they do, it’s already too late.

The internet is also full of job opportunities where you can offer your services remotely. All you need is a computer, a set of skills and an internet connection.


Many governments around the world have slimmed down government budgets because the internet has presented an opportunity to get the word out to the masses with little bureaucracy. If you don’t have an internet connection, you will find yourself holding the phone longer with fewer government workers on the other end to answer.

Health Care

Many health care services are available online and this has reduced the hassle that many experienced when making a phone call to make an appointment or during an emergency. With conditions such as diabetes, some medical facilities have the capability to check your blood sugar levels remotely. Also, many hospitals, medical researchers, and private practitioners are turning to the World Wide Web to offer valuable information to the public.


Many small and medium business turn to the internet to choose their suppliers, contractors and get new customers. The business that doesn’t have an online presence will find it hard to survive.


When it comes to education, the internet is of great benefit to students and those willing to learn new skills. Many professional tutors and higher learning institutions have taken their services online to meet the needs of the working class who want to further their education.

The internet is also full of free courses that will teach you new skills or improve on the ones you already have to improve the chances of getting hired.

For students, the internet is the best way to apply for scholarship opportunities.


Technology advancement has made it possible to carry out online transactions. This is beneficial because consumers can shop from the comfort of their homes and get the best deals through online auctions and promotions.

The internet is the best way to buy that hard to find an item that you need.


Email, instant messaging and VoIP are some of the best ways to communicate with a person who is outside local calling areas.

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