Wireless is a term that has taken over the world mainly due to the rise in the use of smartphones, laptop, and other mobile devices. In the basic sense, the term wireless means sending communication devoid of cables or wires.

However, this is a far-reaching term that accounts for all categories of technologies and devices that send and receive data over the air instead of wires and cables. This includes mobile communications, networking between computers fitted with wireless adapters and computer equipment.

Wireless communications are transmitted over the air via electromagnetic waves such as satellite, radio frequencies and infrared. Radio frequencies are the best as they do not get too crowded and make sure that wireless services and devices work reliably.

Also, know that the term wireless might mean that the device pulls power wirelessly, nevertheless, wireless translates to no wires involved in sending and receiving data.

Examples of Wireless Devices

The term wireless means different things that do not include wires.  Remote controls, GPS systems, radios and cordless phones all qualify as wireless.

Others are cell phones, wireless keyboards and mice, wireless network cards, routers, PDAs and many more items that don’t use cables to send and receive information.

A wireless charger also qualifies as a wireless device. Even though no data is passed on by this device, it interacts with another gadget i.e. a mobile phone without cables.

Wireless Networks and Wi-Fi

Networking technologies that link many devices together without the use of cables qualify as wireless. Many times, instead of using the term wireless, they are known as Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi takes into account technologies that support 802.11 standards such as 802.11g or the 802.11c class of wireless routers and network cards.

You can use Wi-Fi to print documents wirelessly over your network, get direct access to computers, and when Wi-Fi is down, you can turn on the hotspot function on your mobile phone to access the internet on other devices.

Note: you will use your mobile data when you turn hotpsot on.

Bluetooth is another form of wireless technology that connects Bluetooth enabled devices that are in range. The devices can connect and send data short of using wires.

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