Staying connected to the internet at home is a necessity. This accounts for gaming devices, mobile phones, TVs and tablets. To get the best connection at home, you must treat your network right.

The following are 3 commonly asked questions on how to give your home network the TLC required.

What if the connection is not right?

You should know that your equipment runs on a 24/7 basis. With such runtime, your home internet equipment is bound to experience some hitches and when this happens, you need to give it a refresh. The best way is to unplug the devices from the wall socket, wait a few minutes and plug them back. You will notice an immediate improvement when you refresh the devices.

Where should I place my devices?

The router or modem should be placed in a central location. This is the place where the family spends most of the time connected to the Wi-Fi devices. Do not place your router or modem in a closet or hidden somewhere in the furniture. Your device should be in the open to give a better Wi-Fi signal.

Should I check my cables to make sure they are tight?

Cable connections get loose over time and when this happens, your internet experience will be negatively affected. Take the time to check the cables and make sure that all the loose connections are tightly fixed. Fix the loose cables and your home internet will improve.

GTA Telecom suggests you treat your home network right and it will be good for you. Follow the tips that we shared and your GTA Telecom home Wi-Fi will be better than ever.


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