Our GTA Telecom customers have chosen the FTTN 75 as the best package for high-speed internet. These are the reasons why the FTTN 75 is simply the best.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

The number one reason why users switch ISPs is that of the price. This means that a lot of users who are connected to the internet in Ontario are not willing to spend high fees for internet services.

This is why we created the FTTN 75 plan to give Ontario internet users exactly what they need and for less. For only $39.95 per month and no hidden charges, you will start saving money as soon as you join this plan.

Blazing Speeds

GTA Telecom’s FTTN 75 offers incredible download speeds at 75 Mbps. This means that you can multitask on many devices all day long without any lag. You will enjoy this plan if you’re a heavy user.

Also, the FTTN 75 is unlimited and you can spend as many hours on the internet as you can, something that we Canadians are known for.


Of course, this package, like all others comes with free tech support or anti-stress as we like to call it. Our internet customer care team is here to help. We also protect you from the common online threats without the headaches of unpredictable fees.

GTA Telecom is dedicated to making your browsing experience reliable, easy and inexpensive. We know what Ontario residents need and our FTTN 75 plan meets them. Switch to GTA Telecom today, and stay!


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