With everyone cutting the cord, why would you want a home phone service in this day and age? Well, before you think we’re losing it, in a technological sense, go through the following reasons why we think you need a home phone service.


The best thing about having a home phone service is the cost. GTA Telecom offers a digital home phone service instead of the classic landline. The traditional landlines are costly but our digital home phone service is super affordable. We do not have any extra fees plus we have all the phone features that you have come to love like voicemail, call display and three-way calling.

Compared to your cell phone, you won’t have to worry about using too much of your data.  Digital home phone service uses little amounts of data to keep your call crystal clear. Remember that our internet service is unlimited so you don’t have to worry about data.


In times of an emergency, cell phones are highly unreliable. When you really need to make a call, you may find that the battery is dead, your ringer might be off or you misplaced your phone. These are the times you need a backup.

A home phone service gives you a reassurance of another calling option when in a real emergency i.e. when calling 911.

If you can’t locate your phone, or it’s broken or stolen, your home phone is there. For those with children in their homes, does your child know where to find your phone in case of an emergency? Do they know how to unlock it? A home phone is the backup that your family needs.


The microphone on your mobile phone cannot be compared to the one on the bigger home phone device. Mobile phones have lots of features and portability is the main one as you can carry it around. A home phone doesn’t have features like texting, taking selfies or running apps, it’s only for making calls and this is what it perfects.

Your Grandma

Most grandmas and grandpas do not prefer to use high-tech mobile devices. They prefer to use the old-fashioned home phone that does not have all the other confusing features. When was the last time you received a WhatsApp message from your grandma? Probably never, right?

This may not be the best reason to get a home phone but your grandparents and distant relatives will appreciate when you can be easily reached.

There you have it, these are the reasons you should get the GTA Telecom Home Phone Service. Get the GTA Telecom home phone service for a monthly fee of $9.95.


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