Traditional TV sets have undergone a technological uplift. Today’s TVs or should I say Smart TVs can run apps, support on-demand video rental services, web browsers and streaming capabilities.

According to, Canada’s Smart Home industry revenue amounts to $936M US in 2018 with home entertainment gadgets (Smart TVs included) taking up $162.5M US.

It’s fair to say that soon, Smart TVs are popular in this region.

Like any other smart device out there, your Smart TV needs an internet connection to unlock its full capabilities.

As exciting as Smart TVs are, these devices use a lot of bandwidth. All the streaming and downloading must come at a price.

If you stream Netflix on your Smart TV, you will use 1GB of data for every viewing hour for standard definition video. An HD video file that is one hour-long uses at least 3GB of data.

Regardless of the streaming service that you’re using, many automatically stream at the highest video quality, unless you change your streaming preferences. This means that you might be using more data than you imagined.

You can calculate the amount of data that you are using per hour by making use of bandwidth calculators that are available online. If you are not a tech pro or a math genius or you simply don’t want to go through this trouble, then just find an internet provider that offers real unlimited internet, zero bandwidth caps and overcharges.

With so much tech using bandwidth, you should not have to worry about how much data you’re using and your internet browsing experience should not be capped in any way. It is time to get the thought of, “how much data do I need?” out of your head and enjoy the endless data that you have.

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