Netflix has been a game changer and has completely altered how we, Canadians, get entertainment. Telephone surveys have revealed that 1 in 4 Anglophone Canadians have quit paying for the traditional TV service with half joining Netflix.

With the high number of Canadians streaming content on Netflix, a lot of bandwidth is being used. Let’s expound on this some more. According to Netflix, an internet connection with speeds of 5 Mbps will use about 2.8 GB per hour.

Meaning that on average, a moderate internet user consumes 67 GB of data a month before doing anything else online. This figure is already higher than the bandwidth cap of the big internet suppliers in Canada. This means that if you love watching movies and TV shows on Netflix, it is costing you way more than the low fee they now charge. Unless, of course, you are subscribed to our Unlimited Internet Plans.

What happens if you have young ones in your home? With Netflix being a high bandwidth user, what about the games? Today’s games are long and addictive and will keep you hooked for hours. Just look at the Fortnite craze. The faster your download speeds are, the easier it will be for you to play an immersive game like Fortnite.

Check this:

When gaming and streaming, you will need an internet connection that:

  • Has low latency and no data caps
  • Can download at between 1 and 3 Mbps
  • Is consistent under all conditions

GTA Telecom provides you with high-speed, consistent and quality internet ideal for video streaming and online gaming.

Unlimited internet from GTA Telecom is a great way to make immense savings on your monthly internet bills. Our internet also allows you to avoid data caps or speed caps.

The ever-advancing technology does not have a place for limited internet. Join GTA Telecom by choosing one of our affordable unlimited internet plans to enjoy real internet entertainment. 



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