Gautam Sharad I have been using GTA Telecom for a few months now. I have been extremely satisfied with them as my internet provider. Anyone thinking to switch please do not hesitate as you will be happy that you did!  
October 31 at 10:20pm
  Peter Wilkins I'm loving my fast, reliable GTA Telecom Internet service!  
November 6 at 7:08pm
  Jeonghun Sohn I really happy with it. I switched from Primus around 6months ago. My package is cable 150. I need fast reliable internet service as I'm software developer and usually work at home. Really fast. Still no customer supports needed.  
November 17 at 4:09pm
  Joe Patrick  Great Service, Cheaper prices than any other provider... Highly recommended  
November 20 at 4:47pm