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Free Calling Features

The following calling features are included with all of our Home Phone plans at no extra cost:

  • E911: E911 is an emergency service related to your service address. Unlike the conventional 911 service, E911 may not be available in some areas.
  • Call Display: This feature allows you to see the telephone number of an inbound caller.
  • Call Waiting: This feature notifies you that you have another inbound call while on an active call. You can put the first call on hold to take the second call.
  • Do Not Disturb: This service allows you to block all incoming calls to your line, while allowing you to make calls.
  • Voice Mail: This service allows callers to leave you a voice message when you're not available to answer a call. You can access your voice mailbox by phone.
  • Voice Mail to Email1: If a message is left in your voice mailbox, the system will send it to you by email. Listen to the message on your computer with audio media.

Local Number Portability

You can transfer your existing phone number to GTA Telecom and seamlessly stay connnected with family and friends.

What you need to know:

  • Do not cancel your existing home phone service prior to porting your phone number to GTA Telecom. Doing so will cause you to relinquish your phone number.
  • Simply let us know that you'll be keeping your existing phone number when ordering any of our Home Phone plans, and we'll take care of the rest.
  • To ensure your phone number has not been locked, make sure your bills with your existing home phone provider are up to date.
  • In case you're moving, you can only port your existing phone number to GTA Telecom if you'll be remaining in the same area code.
  • Number portability fee is $10.

A $10 transfer fee is applied for each phone number that is ported to GTA Telecom.

E911 Emergency Service

In the case of an emergency, minutes, and even seconds, can be extremely critical. Enhanced 911 (E911) Emergency Service will route your 911 call to the appropriate public-safety answering point (PSAP) nearest to your location, ensuring the quickest possible response time.

Home Phone Canada

Pay Monthly No Contract

$9.95 per month
  • Unlimited Calls Anywhere in Canada
  • VoIP Network
  • GTA Telecom Internet Required

1 Contact us to activate and configure Voice Mail to Email at no charge.